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Clutch Moto Tours brand with its simple philosophy “We go all the way!” was established in 2013 by Rožle Verhovc, a motorcycle enthusiast and a professional tour guide from Slovenia with more than 18 years of experience. What started out as a passion project, developed into one of the leading European motorcycle tour specialists, annually operating more than 20 different tours Worldwide.

Together with his dear friend and passionate rider Marko Jurman from Croatia, they established in 2020 eClutch Tours, a new brand designed to provide unique travel experience on premium electric motorcycles.

With eClutch Tours you’re on the right track to hear the air in your hair and live your dreams.

Commitment to a green future, passion and personalized approach are the key values of eClutch Tours. With eClutch Tours, you will discover one of the greenest country of Europe, Slovenia, our home country. We are surrounded by greenery wherever we look – towards the Alpine peaks, the green forests, the Adriatic Sea, the mysterious Karst, the vineyards, or the Pannonian plains. Unspoiled green nature encourages us to be responsible in our actions, so we decided to adopt green strategies in order to create unforgettable green adventures.

Clutch’s tours are carefully planned, the secret lies in details and in innovative and modern approaches, as we wish to leave a beneficial impact on the environment and local community.

The future is electric!

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