eClutch Tours Sustainability Policy

eClutch Tours is committed to innovative, responsible and unique tourism solutions. Our premium electric motorcycle tours combine individual green providers, destinations and experiences into an integrated sustainable product. eClutch Tours team shares loyalty, passion, personalized approach and strives for continual progress.

Our tours are carefully planned in accordance with the highest travel standards, which pay special attention to details, knowledge and style. We offer travel experiences that respect natural and cultural heritages and where guests interact with locals and enjoy the destination in a sustainable way. Additionally, our experience, knowledge of places, local people, languages and cultures are the main advantages of the eClutch Tours.

In recent years we learned that international travel presents significant environmental challenges, and we recognize our responsibility in being part of the solution. With this policy we commit to maximizing the positive and minimizing the negative environmental, economic, and social impacts of tourism in areas of our operations.

We commit to:

  • Work on improvements in operations and services, in order to reduce harmful impact on the environment, including reduction of pollution, reduction of waste by reusing and recycling, along with saving energy and utilizing environmentally friendly materials, where possible.
  • Give preference to goods and services produced locally and with minimal environmental impact.
  • Hire local employees whenever possible.
  • Inform customers of our environmental policy and encourage protection of the environment.
  • Plan our tours in the off-the-main-season time and give priority in our itineraries to off the beaten tourist paths destinations.


Our guests:

Our guests are encouraged to be respectful of the environment and the communities in the destination they will visit.

Our destinations:

Our clients support local artisans and local producers in such way that the community is benefited.

We promote visits to natural national parks which generates revenue to support its preservation.

We promote glampings, tourist farms and other type of boutique sustainable accommodations.

Our business partners:

Most our accommodations are small boutique hotels run or owned by local people. In some destinations we used local hotel operators associated with international hotel chain that also have a defined sustainability policy.

Clutch Moto Tours does not offer products or services of excursions, lodging and other touristic suppliers who damage or hurt human beings, fauna or flora, or other natural resources (water sources, etc.).

Our internal process:

We minimized our energy consumption by turning off lights, computers, fans and other equipment while we are not using them or during the night.

We recycle all the paper that we use in the office. Our printing machines are set by default to double-sided and we print only when is necessary.

We use teleworking so our team has more autonomy and flexibility. This is also represented in a more motivated team and a greater productivity since everyone is working in a set goal. We have monthly meetings to monitor and evaluate our team performance and improve our processes.

We promote a safe, healthy, pleasant and motivated work environment. We stimulate open communication and confidence in our work team.

We promote training and educational programs of our team that contributes to their professional development and impacts positively the company competitiveness.

We implement technologies tools when necessary to improve our productivity and competitiveness.

Product development:

We promote new product development based on innovation and the sustainability policy statements.

Finally, we affirm our commitment to the following:

We reject the exploitation, sexual abuse and other forms of child abuse in accordance with the provisions.

​We reject commercialization and illegal trafficking of cultural goods.

We promote cultural diversity. We reject discrimination and racism.


eClutch Tours is member of Travelife and we have started the process to work step by step towards complying with international sustainability standards.